16 Nov 2016
The Gulf Fourth Political Media Forum “Media and the Gulf Identity”
ART Rotana Hotel - Kingdom of Bahrain


Shape a media address that reiterates the Gulf joint identity, and to deter the risks and challenges of globalization

Target group

The individuals interested in or concerned with Gulf issues:

  •  Media Professionals
  •  Politicians
  •  Vocational and Political Associations/Societies
  •  Journalists, Writer and thinkers
  •  Academia and Media and Social Studies Students
  •  Social Media Activists

Forum Schedule

8:00         Registration

9:30         Opening Session

  • Speech of the Minister of Information Affairs & Chairman of the Trustees Council BIPD Ali bin Mohammaed Al Rumaihi
  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Saad bin Tifla Former Information Minister - State of Kuwait
  • Winners Awards  

10:30       Coffee Break

11:00       Session 1: Globalization & the Cultural Heritage

  • Socio-Cultural Challenges
  • Political and Security Challenges


  • Dr. Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar: Former Information Minister - Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Khaled Al Malek: Al Jazeera Newspaper/Saudi Arabia
  • Derar Balhool: Director General Watani Al Emarat Foundation
  • Sameera Abdullah: (Session Leader): News and Political Programs Presenter - Al Ra'i Channel

12:15       Coffee Break

12:30       Session 2: The Gulf Identity Future

  • Future Outlook
  • Tools and Methods of a Sustainable Identity 


  • Abdul-Rahman Al Rashed: Former President of Al Arabeya Channel, and former Editor in Chief of As Sharaq Al Awsat Newspaper
  • Mr. Mohammed Al Hammadi: Editor in Chief of Al Ettihad Newspaper of the UAE
  • Hatem Al Tae’I: Founder and Chief Editor of Al Ruya Newspaper of Oman
  • Dr. Sulaiman Al Hattlan: (Session Leader): Presenter of Hadeeth Al Arab talk show, Sky News Arabeya

13:45         Lunch

14:45         Session 3: Media Role in Promoting the Gulf Identity

  • Radio and Television
  • The Press
  • Social Media networks and the New Media


  • Ghanem Al Sulaiti: Prominent Artist in the Gulf
  • Ali Al Saloom: Host of Droob TV Program
  • Kawthar Alarbash: A Columnist
  • Nadeen Al Budair: (Session Leader): Presenter of Etijahat program on Rotana Khalejia TV

16:00         Closing Session


16 November 2016

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