Invitation for Researchers

First: Publishing Rules

  1. The books published by the Bahrain Institute for Political Development deal with issues pertinent to the dissemination of o the culture of political knowledge through simplified explanation of the ideas and issues of political development, and display of the basics of democracy and issues of democratic transition, programmes, projects and development experiences and relevant political development issues, with focus on the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf region in particular, and the Arab world in general, and the world in a broader way.
  2. The theme of the book is determined on agreement between the researcher and the Bahrain Institute for Political Development.
  3. The book shall address a new and innovative subject and meet the known scientific and academic conditions. It should not have been published before, and should be written in a proper research language.
  4. The size of a large book ranges from 50 to 60 thousand words (250-300 printed pages), and a medium-sized book ranges from 35 to 40 thousand words (150-200 printed pages), including appendices, indexes and references.
  5. All the pages of the book, including the front page, the pages of references and appendices should be numbered at the bottom centre. Tables, graphs, images and maps placed on separate pages, with reference to their location in the body of the book.
  6. Footnotes shall come in alphabetical order at the end of the book, followed by lists of sources and references in alphabetical order as well. When writing the footnotes, authors shall commit themselves to the following pattern:
    • Books: author, title of the book (Place of publication, publisher, year of publication), page number.
    • Periodicals: author, title of the research, journal name, number (Place of publication, year of publication), page number.
    • Newspapers: For news stories, newspaper name, date of issuance and issue number -if applicable- shall be written. In the case of an article, the author's name, newspaper name, date of issuance and issue number-if applicable- shall be written.
    • Internet: available documentation data, URL and browsing date shall be mentioned.
  7. The researcher shall send two extracts, one in Arabic and one in English, and a brief CV stating his /her qualifications and skills, work experience and his/her address in detail.
  8. The researcher should attach the approval document by funding party that provided him/her with financial support for the completion of his/ her book -if any.
  9. The author receives a cash reward following then publication of his/her book. He/she also gets ten free copies as a gift.

Second, Publishing Procedures

  1. The agreement between the Institute and the researcher on determining the subject of the book is set up as follows:
    • The author sends the proposal of the study where he/she identifies the most important themes and elements, with the hypothesis from which he/she starts in addition to the methodology used in the research and an initial list of the most important references that might be used.
    • The Institute discusses the proposal with the author until an agreement on the theme of the book is reached. The Institute then commissions the researcher through a written statement accompanied with the agreed upon proposal.
  2. The maximum period given to for the researcher to finish a medium-sized book is 6 weeks, and two months for a large one. In case the researcher wants to extend the period of time granted to him/ her, he/ she has to send a letter to the Institute to seek its approval. In the event of non-compliance with the deadlines, the Institute has the right to take appropriate action against the researcher.
  3. The researcher sends an electronic version of the scientific material to the Institute via the Institute’s e-mail, along with a hard copy. The latter shall prevail in case of dispute over the text of the book.
  4. The Institute reviews the book, and in case it accepts to publish it, it will have it assessed by a panel of judges for second opinion.
  5. In case the Institute or the evaluators consider that some adjustments are essential, the Institute sends its remarks or conveys the observations of the evaluators to the researcher to make the necessary adjustments to the text of the book, and he/she has to do so in a period not exceeding three weeks.
  6. In all cases, the Institute has the right to edit the text of the book and review it linguistically, and change the used terms.
  7. The texts of published books become the property of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development; the researcher is, therefore, not entitled to re-publish them in whole or in part, or publish them translated in another language without the written consent of the Institute.
  8. Once informed by the Institute of its approval to publish the book, the researcher has no right, whatsoever, to publish this work in other places without BIPD written permission and in the event the Institute finds out that the research has been published by another party, it will have the right to take any measures against the researcher.

The Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) invites researchers and specialists to contribute to the Institute’s publications to help in propagating the culture of political democracy and subsequently stimulate the evolution of the democratic process in the kingdom of Bahrain and shore up BIPD efforts to elevate the level of political awareness among all Bahrain society members and boost their political knowledge and democratic practices.

The publications cover sizable books (60 thousand words) and medium-sized ones (35 to 40 thousand words). And out of keenness to maintain the excellent level of its dexterous publications, BIPD insists that contributors need to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The research topic is to be determined upon researcher-BIPD agreement basis.
  2. It should not have been previously published or sent to another place for publishing.
  3. The researcher should present his scientific material in Arabic, with two attached Arabic and English summaries.
  4. Undertakes to present his subject in correct, clear and methodological Arabic style, as per what is customary.
  5. Relies only on equable, updated sources and references.
  6. All the presented researches are subject to scientific arbitration.
  7. The Institute allots cash rewards for published researches.
  8. Once BIPD agrees to publish the book, the researcher will have no right to republish it in another place.

For Enquiries, Please contact:

Bahrain Institute for Political Development at:
(0097) 17821185
Fax: 17821440