BIPD Statement

ceo1.jpgThe Bahrain Institute for Political Development(BIPD) welcomes the public who wish to take part in the National Competition for the Activation of the Law on Child’s’ School Rights, praying Almighty God that it would yield an outcome that best serves the future generations which we all work on shaping at the hands of the students themselves.

The BIPD aims, through this competition, to raise awareness about the law on child rights which stipulates that child protection should top all government-issued decisions and regulations. It also aims to set up a national childhood strategy capable of securing child rights, confronting challenges and meeting child basic rights.

To this end, the Institute has held this competition for school students, as part of its go-getting annual project, in prospect of broadening students’ perception of citizenship and human rights issues and emboldening them to express national feelings through creativity.

In its initial stage this year, the competition covered 29 male and female schools of all schooling levels and offered a host of literary and fine art activities such as story writing, photography, painting, projects, brochure production, drama, music and poetry.

Through these activities, the students have revealed to what extent they perceive citizenship and belonging from the prospect of child rights and exhibited the level of interest and passion for soul elevating and sentiment-refining arts.

The Organization of the competition by the Bahrain Institute for Political Development’s stands proof the high interest it accords to human rights issues in the reform project of His Majesty the King, may God protect him and the importance it attaches to children and young people issues in the kingdom.

The pride the Institute has taken in the fruitful results of the competition emanates from its delight over the interaction of all the partners - students, teachers, schools, educators and administrators - for their tireless efforts over the past months to ensure the success of this national competition.

Therefore, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to our students for their valuable participation, and for the great effort they have made over this last period. I am fully confident they would proceed with their giving and turn into a positive behavior and a daily practice.

I would also like to thank the distinguished teachers, coordinators, coaches and school administrators for their constructive response and their interaction and for having turned the contest from a mere idea to a successful and tangible reality through their quest for a society where sound values of citizenship and belonging prevail.

I would also like to extend sincere thanks and gratitude to the arbitrators, organizing committees and officials of the Ministry of Education for their cooperation and their dedication to make this competition a success, which is all in the service of this cherished country.

May God guide us towards what would best serve our country.

Peace and blessings of God upon you.