Bahrain is proud of the momentum gained by the National Action Charter in the popular February 14-15, 2001 Referendum which was okayed by 98.4% of the citizens and came to confirm the strong leadership-people bonds and people’s support for the reform project.

It has been reflected in the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, may God protect  him when we agreed on a national program of action, and on implementation of its political concepts in order to open new horizons for democracy, pluralism and political participation, within the framework of the Constitution and National Action Charter.

In furtherance of the dialogue approach between all the political components of the Bahraini society, the Bahrain Institute for Political  Development affirms the importance of cooperation, communication and partnership with the public and private sectors to enhance the status of political development including the spread of the culture of democracy, development of political consciousness with the participation of all segments in all forms of political life and stimulation of enterprises and individuals to get them play a bigger role in the nation’s causes and development process.

This is in addition to raising awareness of the principles of the rule of law and legitimacy, and supporting the parliamentary and municipal experiences.

Hence, we should all work towards the establishment of a political culture that accommodates others and opens us towards them within the framework of national unity, which is one of the features of Bahrain identity.

We should work towards consolidation of the experience of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a model for pluralism and political diversity, within the framework of national harmony and citizenship, and to cement the role of civil society institutions in promoting the integrated system of political and human rights values.

Proceeding from our belief in the fact that the Bahraini citizen is the main axis of development and whatever change and enhancement  it aims at, the Bahrain Institute for Political Development seeks to activate the role of the citizen in the process of change, by providing him with suitable training and research programs, conferences and meetings, and make them within the reach of the different groups of people and capable of strengthening the culture of  dialogue and acceptance of the other.

And because we are part of the development process that all public and private institutions of the civil society and all classes of people aim for, we were keen to adopt communication with everyone as an approach in discussing political development issues, their tools and their results, in prospect of yielding  fast-paced changes, achieve further dialogue and speed up transformation towards the achievement of our constant political development.

The launch of the BIPD website as another channel of communication, which the institute insists on the importance of activating it comes out of our belief that partnership would enable us to improve the strategy which stems from everyone’s desire and aspirations.