The Gulf Fourth Political Media Forum

“Media and the Gulf Identity”


Under the kind patronage of H.E. Sheikh Khaled bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Deputy Prime Minister, The Fourth session of the Gulf Forum for Political Media shall be held under the motto of “Media and the Gulf Identity” to develop a media address that reiterates the Gulf joint identity, and promotes its foundations to face globalization challenges; particularly in light of the subsequent events being observed by the region, and the multiplicity of crisis witnessed by Arab countries; such as the escalation of extremism and terrorism, and the growing foreign interventions in the internal affairs of these countries that is undermining security and stability.

Stemming from the keenness to protect the Gulf identity from the fears of disintegration and permeation in light of the negative impacts of globalization; the Forum constitutes a solid manifestation that underscores its status as a platform for dialogue, and to promote the culture of democracy in Gulf societies by virtue of shedding more light on the relationship between “media and the Gulf identity”;  to reflect the dire need for research in the means to bolster  the Gulf identity, with an aim of preserving the future of Gulf peoples and identities.

This issue is of special interest in light of the prevailing conditions that stipulate work to fortify the internal front against all attempts to penetrate Gulf societies, that endeavor transmit fanaticism and dispersion, to sap the constituents of national unity amongst members of the one society; a joint national mission and responsibility of no substitute, aiming to deep root the foundations of Gulf identity with clear concepts, to promote social tenacity, political cooperation, and cultural equal unity. 

The Fourth Forum moto “Media and the Gulf Identity” has come as a logical response to the need of our societies to reiterate this identity, and to underline the values and principles of Gulf citizenship, and the integrated geo-politics of its peoples, the joint history and interests; in addition to the bonds of religion, language and social ties of regional peoples.

The Forum discussions seek to overcome certain misrepresentations that disfigured the collective Gulf identity; and to shed more light on the risks that engulf narrow sighted presentation; in addition to the religious, sectarian and ethnic affiliations imposed on the Gulf identity; by virtue of encouraging serious work within a comprehensive framework that ensures the promotion of political, social and cultural pluralism; and to uphold the values of political tolerance and peaceful coexistence above other elements. 

Within this context, media is viewed as a viable approach to create a comprehensive awareness of the challenges facing the Gulf identity; due to the force of media impact, which can be invested in promoting the peculiarity and the Gulf identity; and thus to face the diverse negative impacts of “globalization”. 

In this context, the Forum shall be launched with the participation of an elite group of intellects and politicians; as well as a number of seasoned Gulf and Arab media personalities, whose mandate is to search for methods to counter such challenges, and means to promote the joint identity; in addition to protecting this identity against the risks and challenges that may constitute a serious threat to the stability and security of the Arab Gulf region. 

The Forum objectives, being organized by BIPD for the fourth consecutive year, are complementary to the objectives of the previous three editions in terms of mobilizing and stimulating the media strengths, to direct the same toward entrenching pillars of the joint identity, to promote the values of the culture of democracy, and to enrich the concepts of harmonization to embrace a media approach that accommodates the narrow identities, without exclusion or marginalization of their respective spirit. 

The Forum further seeks to fulfill its objectives by means of developing a Gulf media address, urging an acceleration of steps to shape a matrix that is more faithful to the joint identity, more absorbent of its fundamental elements, and is more adherent to the joint political and cultural and social interplays of regional peoples; one that resents the media address that is devotes its endeavors to obliterating this identity, without considerations to our cultural uniqueness and joint values. 

The Forum further endeavors to adopt a joint media address that underlines the Gulf identity, and resents secondary identities that threaten the stability and integrity of society. It also seeks to counter the challenges of globalization with disciplined openness that preserves and deep roots our joint identity as an element of Gulf societies strength, so as to confirm its ability to defend its gains, impact and influence. 


Shape a media address that reiterates the Gulf joint identity, and to deter the risks and challenges of globalization.

Forum Sessions:

Session One: “Globalization and the Cultural Legacy”

The first session will shed light on all aspects of the relation between the concepts of “Globalization” and “Cultural Legacy”, with special emphasis on the controversy of devoting “Globalization” to certain negative values that seek protecting the interests of major effective powers in the international arena. 

The Session shall also focus on the issue of “identity” that is regarded as a key element in countering foreign interventions in the internal affairs that are succeeded by negative impacts resulting from the other face of “Globalization”, by virtue of maintaining diversity and pluralism, both of which promote peaceful coexistence of societies, and promote the idea of accepting other different identities. 

The Session shall also touch on the issue of differentiating between the negative aspects of “Globalization”, as an authoritarian project to contain the world; and the positive aspects as an open space that avails probing world experiences, and ensures avenues of convergence. The Session shall also address the social and cultural elements that regulate the relation between globalization and cultural heritage, as well as set its paths.  It shall also focus on the security and political elements that manifest semblances of coherence or disagreement of the relation between globalization and cultural heritage.

Talking Points:

  • Socio-Cultural Challenges
  • Political and Security Challenges

Session Two:  “Future of the Gulf Identity”

This Session shall endeavor to read the outlook of the Gulf identity from a scientific forecast perspective that diagnoses the challenges encountered by this identity and its future. The Session shall also work on a comparison between foreign interventions that persist in impinging on the Gulf identity, and the national aspirations that relentlessly endeavor to uphold this identity, and protect its foundations. 

The Session, in this context, shall work to answer questions that shed light on the programs, methods and channels used by both sides in the this conflict amongst foreign sides who endeavor to confiscate the identity right to prosper and flourish; and a local side that endeavors hard to ensure the right of identity uniqueness amongst others, without confiscating the others right to endure.

The Session shall also discuss the efforts exerted by the, so as to become an “incubator” to encompass the Gulf identity; and advocate it., and be the fort where it is preserved. This session shall also work to identify the methods, channels and media projects that are capable of establishing a Gulf matrix of a distinguished position to defend a mature, dynamic as well as innovative Gulf identity.

Talking Points:

  • Future Outlook
  • Tools and Methods of a Sustainable Identity 

Session Three: “The Role of Media in Promoting Gulf Identity”

This session shall discuss the exchanged impact between the media and identity, considering that the media represents a factual model that devotes the concept of interactive relations in society and hence since being keen to defend the values of an identity via its ability to impact the resulting lexicography of such values, and elements. 

The Session shall dedicate a good part of its discussions to answer a number of questions pertinent to how to benefit from the various traditional and virtual media tools that construct robust and fruitful relations between the Gulf identity and the media. 

The Session shall single out the various potentials of media instruments, such as television, radio and the press on the one hand; and the instruments of virtual media such as social media networks and blogs on the other; in a bid to promote the Gulf identity. 

Talking Points:

  • Radio and Television
  • The Press
  • Social Media networks and the New Media