The Gulf Forum for Political Media

The role of the media in political upbringing

Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) organizes the First Gulf Political Media Forum under the patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Khalid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister.

The forum, entitled the role of the media in political socialization/upbringing, aims at strengthening the role of the media to spread political culture and democratic values in the Gulf community, knowing that the media is capable of interacting with all walks of life as an effective tool to develop public awareness of important issues and expand public knowledge about the challenges and changes as well as the ways of adapting to and taking advantage of them.

In its first session, the forum seeks to develop a national Gulf vision of Gulf media role in political upbringing by opening broad prospects for dialogue and exchange of ideas on major issues and current developments, mainly at the Gulf and the Arab levels.

This is highly important when we know that the GCC are determined to embark on a new turn in developing the GCC identity, a move that reinforces GCC countries’ role as an important political and economic bloc in the world towards Union.

The GCC Union is the topic of the hour at all levels, including the media. The forum, therefore, calls for the need to study and discuss media trends and visions in the Gulf in order to come up with a national effective vision.

This event, coming in a forum format, aims to study the practical documents written by specialists and concerned people at the Gulf political level to be the first of a series of future forums targeting communication continuity and sustainability for accumulation of specialists’ experiences and ideas resulting of the political openness and freedom of expression in the Kingdom of Bahrain, brought about by the political reform project of His Majesty the King.

The BIPD organizes this forum to instill the culture of democracy and healthy democratic practices, based on the principles of tolerance, coexistence and political awareness-raising, in support of the elected legislative councils and civil society institutions.

The BIPD has adopted a strategic approach to activate its outputs in the form of activities, events and publications in partnership with civil society organizations, ministries, government departments, elected councils and legislature bodies. And as a proof of co-partnership, BIPD has organized this forum in collaboration with the Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA), hoping it will constitute a nucleus of a permanent intellectual forum for political and media specialists in order to promote the role of media in spreading the political culture based on sound national and democratic values in a civil society characterized by pluralism, tolerance, freedom of expression and respect for different viewpoints.

The Forum Sessions

The First Session (the role of Media in today's world)
The local press and its role in promoting a culture of sound democracy
The role of the media in controlling the political and electoral process

The Second Session (The future of political media)
The local press and its role in promoting the culture of healthy democracy
The role of the media in the political control and in the electoral process

The third Session (Towards a National Vision to enhance Media role in Spreading Political Awareness)
The legislations and Arab and national conventions that regulate media freedom: (implementation obstacles)
Political pluralism and its close link with media diversity

Closing Session – Forum Recommendations